Mission Accomplished: Logistic Solutions Inc. (LSI)



Logistic Solutions Inc. (LSI)

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and LSI is happy and proud to have gotten to the place where we currently are. It has been a wonderful experience working with Merck and its leaders who have been pivotal to our growth. LSI has been into software consultation and services in the United States for over 25+ years and we entered into reselling of software solutions through the guidance of Merck leadership team, who noticed our relentless efforts in succeeding every opportunity we grab.

Through their mentorship, we have successfully partnered with SAP & SAS and LSI is happy to let you know that we are the first and only MBE VAR to have done so. We got our strings attached with Merck in 2014 as a Software Reseller and by being flexible and client centric in our approach, we have created further stronger bonds within Merck on its potential business opportunities and hit a high seven-digit number turnover in less than 18 months of engagement. Following our steady growth and efficient performance, Merck came forward to help us with approaching the right kind of clients; and to mention few major pharma players have been associated with us leading to yet another high seven-digit revenue last year.

Gaining more confidence from our clients, we were able to up our ante and we have big plans of taking this forward with other major IT players in software & hardware sales. LSI has always put its clients’ needs ahead of every task and we have the consistence of delivering only the best and nothing less than that.

We are also the proud recipients of “Merck’s Economic Inclusion Supplier of the Year Award – 2016” and “SAP North America Partner Excellence Award for Platform solutions 2016” for our consistent performance in software solutions among varied big players. More laurels to follow, we are looking forward to this thousand-mile journey. LSI would like to thank every individual at Merck who helped us get here.

Thank you


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