Non-Certification Opportunities

Even if you are a minority supplier who does not meet the requirements for certification, you can still benefit from non-certification opportunities provided by The Council as a Registered Business Enterprise. Or, if you've already been certified by a Regional MSDC, discover the benefits of joining The Council as an Affiliate Subscriber.

Registered Business Enterprises

The Council understands that MBE certification isn’t feasible for every business, which is why we offer Registered Business Enterprise (RBE) recognition. In order to become a NYNJMSDC RBE, you must be a for-profit entity that is at least 51% ethnic minority-owned (specifically Asian/Pacific, Asian/Indian, Black, Hispanic, and/or Native American). Not only will you be able to enjoy professional development and training services offered by The Council, but you’ll also enjoy placement in our RBE database, which is shared with our corporate members.

Benefits & Services

  • Regional minority business advocacy
  • Regional access to capital resource partners
  • Regional access to corporate small business advocates and purchasing agents
  • Regional access to other diverse business decision makers
  • Information to local and national events geared towards minority firms
  • Information regarding NYNJMSDC events, small business resources and business opportunities from the NYNJMSDC and our public and business partners
  • Discounted pricing on meeting space at our regional headquarters
  • Discounted pricing for all NYNJMSDC events
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The NYNJMSDC annual subscription fee applies to all RBEs.

Classification Sales Fee Amount
Class I Under $2 million $99
Class II Over $2 million $149

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Affiliate Subscription Packages

Are you already a certified supplier but looking to gain access to The Council’s exclusive, local corporate members? Consider joining The Council via an Affiliate Subscription Package. To qualify for Affiliate Subscription services, you must be a currently certified MBE within the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) network. Because your subscription’s expiration date will be tied to your home Council expiration date, you must be in valid standing with them. If you are requesting subscription services to the NYNJMSDC within 60 days of your expiration date with your home certifying Council, we recommend that you hold your request until you have recertified with them.

Benefits & Services

  • Subscription acknowledgment letter This letter from the NYNJMSDC President will affirm your company as a NY & NJ Council Subscriber which entitles you to all of the below services
  • Letters of introduction for two (2) corporate members from the NYNJMSDC president The Council’s president will provide two (2) letters of introduction to the corporate members of your choice, which will include your capabilities statement (your capability statement must be provided at the time of subscription)
  • Eligibility for The Council’s financial program assistance The Council has partnered with several financial agencies to assist with factoring/financial advising/business loans/and receivables
  • Access to The Council’s local corporate members This list of all active NYNJMSDC corporate members includes links to their supplier diversity sites
  • Eligibility to participate in Council programs and events Throughout the year, The Council hosts various programs and events that enable you to meet with corporate members looking to purchase specific goods and services
  • Introduction to NYNJMSDC MBEs for strategic alliances The Council promotes and encourages MBE to MBE activity on an ongoing basis. As a subscriber, you will be invited to connect with other MBEs in our supplier network
  • Participation in The Council’s MBE Annual Meeting You are eligible to attend The Council’s MBE Annual Meeting held in the second quarter, which will provide you with the state of The Council, NMSDC, business trend workshops, and special panel discussions
  • Inclusion in our sourcing pool As a subscriber, your company will be included in all corporate and supplier sourcing depending on the product or service requested
  • Eligibility to serve on The Council’s MBEIC Committee
  • One-on-one business strategy meeting with The Council president The Council president is available for 30-minute one-on-one business strategy meetings by appointment only
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The NYNJMSDC annual subscription fee applies to all MBEs certified by NMSDC affiliate councils located outside of the State of New York and Northern New Jersey, regardless of MBE revenue classification.

Classification Sales Fee Amount
Class I Under $1,000,000 $350
Class II $1,000,000 — $10,000,000 $550
Class III $10,000,000 — $50,000,000 $900
Class IV Over $50,000,000 $1,000

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