MBE Spotlight: Udayan Bose

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Udayan Bose, Founder and CEO of NetElixir, started the company with a vision to help retail businesses succeed online. As CEO, he has led the way in building NetElixir into a premier digital marketing agency, using smart, data-driven solutions to deliver exceptional performance for retailers across industries. Udayan’s exclusive focus on the digital retail space has helped NetElixir become a leader in the search marketing landscape while partnering with industry leaders like Google and UPS.

Prior to NetElixir, Udayan was the Director of Business Development at PartyGaming. He regularly lectures MBA classes at Cornell University, Baruch College, and the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India, in addition to being an Innovation Fellow at Lang Center of Entrepreneurship at the Columbia Business School. Udayan has been featured in many of the most prominent online journals, including The New York Times, Forbes, AdWeek, eMarketer, and Media Post, among others.

Albert Einstein is one of Udayan’s biggest inspirations and, in fact, Einstein is the reason that NetElixir’s headquarters are in Princeton, NJ. Udayan prides himself on structuring NetElixir as a learning organization, both internally and externally. He leads with the notion of fail faster, which encourages his team to try new things, experiment, and learn from their mistakes or successes without fear holding them back. An open dialogue between himself and his employees is crucial to fostering creativity and collaboration. A hallmark of Udayan’s leadership style is his Sunday CEO notes that share the team’s recent accomplishments, new innovations in the e-commerce landscape, and thought-provoking ideas to keep the team connected. 

Udayan travels extensively to speak at trade shows and conferences, visit the team in person at our India office, and meet with clients. He’s excited about the near limitless opportunities available in the e-commerce industry and the chance to help more businesses succeed online!

About your company

NetElixir is an independent growth marketing agency for leading retail, DTC, and B2B brands. We have been driving profitable growth for e-commerce businesses since 2004, by combining a high-tech and high-touch approach to digital marketing. Leveraging our AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights, we predictably identify, engage, and win high-value customers through targeted demand generation campaigns on search, social, programmatic display, and retail media channels. Our strategic insights empower brands to humanize their customer relationships and draw the line between invasive and inventive marketing.

Currently, NetElixir is one of 27 agencies (and the only New Jersey-based agency) invited to sit on Google’s Leadership Circle.

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Most importantly, being a minority business leader sends out a strong message about what my team and I stand for. We champion diversity and equal opportunity for all — these are in fact two core values I built NetElixir on. 

Being a minority leader means it is important to ensure my voice is heard. Recently, I sat on an agency executive committee at one of the top five tech companies and I was the only minority leader present. 

I work hard to build a community and a family, both personally and professionally, that constantly champions inclusion, openness, and diversity. At NetElixir, I am proud to facilitate a one global team mentality, where no matter our background or geographic location, we help one another, uplift each other, and dream big together.

How has being certified with the NMSDC helped your business?

I am a recent member of NMSDC, but I already feel the impact. Being certified strengthens our profile for larger brands who are looking for an agency that aligns with their diversity initiatives to complement and amplify their brand values. Most importantly, being certified means my team’s efforts toward greater diversity are being recognized and acknowledged.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you were starting out in your career?

I wish I had known more about the range of opportunities available to me. When I first started, I didn’t even know that such organizations existed or that I could make a career in search and build my own search marketing organization. If I had known the strong partnership ecosystem that is available to me, I could have tapped into this ecosystem earlier knowing that I have strong support systems in place and people to continually gain inspiration from.

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