MBE Spotlight: Firoz Lalji

Firoz Lalji is chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Zones, LLC.

Throughout the company’s 30-year history, Firoz Lalji has provided the vision and leadership necessary to transform Zones into a global solutions provider and award-winning business enterprise.

Today Zones, LLC, is a global IT solutions provider that delivers products and services to help companies complete their digital transformation – from desktop to the data center – to the cloud and beyond. Zones’ expertise is reflected in our business model focusing on Global Supply Chain as a Service, IT Solutions, Cloud, and Managed Services. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise and holder of an elite Corporate Plus Certification, Zones LLC has proven their ability to support many of the world’s largest corporations.

In addition to Zones, Lalji owns the Fana Group of Companies, an investment holding company operating in the United States and Canada. Prior to his tenure at Zones, Lalji was the founder, president, and CEO of Kits Cameras, Inc., which he built into a chain of 225 stores across the U.S. and Canada. He sold Kits Cameras in 1997 and joined Zones as CEO in 1998.

Lalji was born in Uganda and obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the London School of Economics in 1969 and attended Harvard Business School from 1991 to 1993. He serves on multiple advisory boards, including the Board of Directors of US Bank of Washington, the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington, the London School of Economics, and the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Lalji is also founder and chairman of the Program for African Leadership (PFAL) Foundation www.pfalfoundation.org, which grants scholarships to African students. Additionally, he runs the Program for African Leadership at the London School of Economics.

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