MBE Spotlight: Gigi De Jesus

Salsa was founded in 2000 by Gigi De Jesus and certified as a minority-woman owned business in 2005. Over the years Salsa transitioned away from the fashion business to manufacture, distribute, and sell uniforms and supplies. Under the new name, Salsa Industrial Supplies, Gigi and her team earned a reputation as a reliable source for their clients’ facility supply needs. As a result of Salsa’s urgency and attention to detail, they are at the forefront of supplying New Yorkers with pandemic response and medical supplies during the current COVID-19 pandemic and are growing their national presence with municipalities and large corporations across the US and globally.

Gigi and the Salsa Industrials Supplies team give special thanks to their friends at The Council for their continued support throughout the years. The Council is an effective organization with an impressive team, and Salsa thanks each one of them for their help. They have been champions in introducing Salsa to corporate members and opening new doors.