MBE Spotlight: 7Gen

7Gen Waste Logistics, LLC (“7Gen”) is a Native-American owned waste and commodity-management company. 7Gen, sister company to Ongweoweh Corp, and is owned by Ongweoweh’s president & CEO, Justin Bennett.

Mr. Bennett’s native roots run deep, with both parents stemming from Haudenosaunee from the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, located 30 miles southwest of Buffalo, NY.  His father is Seneca of the Deer clan and his mother is Cayuga of the Turtle clan.

7Gen’s goal is to effectively assist our customers in achieving green initiatives, becoming landfill free, creating close loop recycling, and working towards their cost savings goals in relation to waste management. 7Gen does not own any landfills and customizes comprehensive waste and recycling plans to fit each customer’s individual needs and objectives.

As a Native American-owned business with roots in the Iroquois culture, 7Gen was named to honor, the “Seventh Generation”, derived from the Iroquois Great Law of Peace. As a guiding moral code, it states that “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact on the Seventh Generation; that we should always consider how our decisions and actions will impact others seven generations in the future.” This principle guides Ongweoweh and 7Gen’s efforts to find Full Circle Solutions to benefit the collective future of not only the company, its customers and its manufacturers, but for all of Creation.