MBE Spotlight: Amy (Archana) Banala

Amy Banala is the proud owner of a minority woman-owned business called Praxis Consultants based in New Jersey. As a woman coming from an underrepresented community, she has harnessed her entrepreneurial spirit to create an IT service solutions company that serves the needs of their customers in various industries. 

Despite facing numerous challenges, Amy has been running this company since 2019, continuously acquiring contracts–even during the pandemic. During COVID, Amy dealt with a lot of difficult situations, especially with the number of people losing their jobs. But her true character shined through during this time as she helped people financially so they were still able to take care of their families.

About your company

Praxis Consultants is a Minority Woman Owned business, offering professional IT services such as cloud services, IT staff augmentation, cyber security consulting, business intelligence, and data analyst. Their strength is sourcing talented resources to meet your goals in a quick turnaround time, and by helping you stay in control of your timeline, expectations, and budgeting. With Praxis IT staff augmentation services, you can contract or hire permanently from our company.

Praxis Consultants brings a fresh perspective to the industry by leveraging their diverse experiences to drive creativity and problem-solving. Their dedication to quality and their values of inclusivity and equality shines through in everything they do.

At Praxis, they are a team of tech experts, obsessed with technology innovation and creating custom solutions for you by making sure they take your business to the next level. Their expertise is placing talented resources and making them available to their esteemed clients across all domains. 

By choosing to support Praxis Consultants, you are not only gaining access to their exceptional services but also becoming a part of their mission to promote diversity and empower underrepresented voices in the business landscape. You will have the most in-demand skills, budget-friendly resources, and a provider with deep experience in making projects happen on time. At Praxis, they create tailored solutions, from cybersecurity to data backup and disaster recovery – their team of IT experts can help you with any technology you need and lead you through any technology crisis. They strive to be competitive in the digital world and use AI tools to improve their operational goals.

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Minority businesses have an opportunity for federal grants and contracting opportunities that corporations offer. Some corporations are willing to invest in entrepreneurial growth.

I believe in supporting minority businesses as it helps create jobs and opportunities. 

How has being certified with the NMSDC helped your business?

I was certified a month ago and waiting for some contracts to materialize. I am looking forward to the benefits of NMSDC certification as an MBE.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you were starting out in your career?

I wish I knew more about the grants available to women and minority-owned businesses. They truly do offer a helping hand with business operations. 

I also wish I knew to not be scared of failure. Staying positive in situations has helped me to succeed in different aspects of my life and business.

For more information on Praxis Consultants, please visit: praxisconsultantsinc.com or follow them on their social media: LinkedIn.