Native American Heritage Month: Honoring Indigenous Businesses & Contributions

Native American businesses play a crucial role in the economic landscape of the United States. Collectively their business encompasses a wide array of industries, from agriculture and manufacturing to technology and healthcare. As such, they contribute not only to our local and regional economies but also to the overall prosperity of our nation. We want to take a moment during Native American Heritage Month to highlight the importance of these businesses and their contributions to our country. 

The history of Native American entrepreneurship is deeply intertwined with the story of America itself. Indigenous people were trading goods and services long before the arrival of the European settlers. The resilience, innovation, and cultural diversity of Native American-owned businesses are a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship within these communities. A spirit that continues to this day. 

We are proud to have many successful Native American businesses certified with the Council including Brett Bucktooth from Ongweoweh, who wrote an inspiring MBE Spotlight last year on the impact of his upbringing and how he transformed the lessons learned in his youth to help him find success in business. 

During this month, we encourage all of our members to explore partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities to engage with Native American-owned businesses. Let’s also take this moment to educate ourselves and our teams about the unique challenges and triumphs of these businesses. By amplifying their voices and celebrating their accomplishments, we can build stronger, more inclusive economies that honor the contributions of all Americans. 

In the next month, the Council will be hosting a wide range of events created to help businesses come together and build connections while also sharing important business practices. We invite you to join us at the following events in November to take the first step toward creating deeper connections.

Thank you for your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Together, we can foster a business environment where everyone has the opportunity and ability to thrive.


Terrence Clark