2022 Black History Month

Black History Month is a very important opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the important contributions and achievements of Blacks throughout history, including Black people who have been trailblazers in the field of entrepreneurship. We must continue to raise our voices to celebrate and, where necessary, impress upon society to continue recognizing Black leaders, businesses, artists, educators, culture, and tradition. Over the coming month, we will share stories and will each experience moments of joy, honor, and reflection that remind us of how far we have come. We also have an opportunity to deepen our commitment to educate, engage, and empower.

Economic inequality is a pervasive issue in the United States. The Council continues to work with our corporate partners, local, state, and federal officials to push for more open access and opportunities for our Black- and minority-owned business clients that are certified with us.

Our corporate partners are more committed than ever to creating diverse and inclusive work environments. The evidence is clear—diversity makes us smarter, enhances creativity, improves the bottom line, and results in a happier, more connected workforce. In fact, some studies go so far as to suggest that simply being exposed to diversity can change the way a person thinks.

As we strive to grow the number of Black- and minority-owned businesses, we will continue our tradition of facilitating strong and meaningful connections. At the same time, we are working hard to develop new programs that equip our clients with tools and resources, build leadership competencies, and offer new business and financial opportunities.

In 2022, we will introduce several new programs such as MBE Showcases, Business Pitch Contests, corporate-sponsored mentorship programs, along with building out new advocacy and thought leadership platforms. Our goal is to develop member-centric models for advocacy, programs development and delivery, and stakeholder engagement. To that end, we will be looking for corporate members and MBE clients to provide input, offer feedback, and share ideas. Please watch for all of our programs and initiatives to continue the growth and development of Black- and minority-owned businesses in our market area and throughout the United States.

We need and welcome you to join in our efforts to create new achievements and history!


Terrence Clark