MBE Spotlight: Priscilla Jiminian

Priscilla Jiminian is the Founder and CEO of Skinergy Beauty, a Caribbean-inspired skincare brand that specializes in dark spot and color-correcting treatments. A native New Yorker (The Bronx) from the Dominican Republic, Priscilla received her BA from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and has a decade-long background in real estate, where she learned the ins-and-outs of running a business and managing important portfolios, while also working with important clientele. She was an assistant to a fashion editor-in-chief in 2013 and began her journey in skincare in 2017. In 2019, Priscilla committed full-time to running and growing Skinergy Beauty, through a pandemic and bootstrapping from her savings. 

Priscilla recently completed the women’s entrepreneurship program from Bank of America at Cornell University and has been awarded the 2022 Chase for Business Accelerator Program, Credo for Change program, and digital undivided breakthrough cohort.

About Skinergy Beauty

Skinergy Beauty was born out of a desire to fill a white space in the beauty industry. Priscilla couldn’t find a highly effective product in the US market that did not contain hydroquinone (a controversial ingredient) to lighten hyperpigmentation without irritating her skin. As a Latina, this concern particularly resonated with her; She was frustrated with the struggle of hormonal acne and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

In 2017, she proudly introduced Skinergy Beauty’s bestselling and award-winning Dark Spot Correcting Cream to remedy this issue. Since its inception, Skinergy Beauty has had the pleasure of building a loyal customer community, receiving accolades from esteemed publications, showcasing remarkable before-and-after results, and securing four coveted beauty awards.

As a Caribbean-inspired skincare brand with a dedicated focus on addressing Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation, their passion-driven mission is to be the trusted solution for hyperpigmentation, a common concern in the Black and Brown communities. But their mission surpasses the realm of beauty; they are boosting self-esteem in those who may have lost their skin confidence after dealing with acne marks and dark spots for years.

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Skinergy Beauty is not just a skincare brand; we are a community-driven force committed to addressing the persistent issue of hyperpigmentation in Black and Brown individuals. Beyond our unique products, Skinergy actively supports our community by empowering individuals to understand their skin and the best ways to combat hyperpigmentation. We also prioritize fair representation by featuring diverse models and influencers in our marketing campaigns, promoting self-confidence and self-love among our audience. 

We are a brand that not only cares for optimal skin health; we also foster a sense of belonging and pride within the Black and Brown communities we serve. This means that Skinergy is a vehicle to combat not only skin conditions but also the psychological impact that those skin conditions plague us with.

How has being certified with the NMSDC helped your business?

It’s been a pleasure to connect with other companies. Entrepreneurship as a woman of color is very lonely. Having a community to reach out to and meet at events makes it all worthwhile. 

What is one thing you wish you had known when you were starting out in your career?

One thing I wish I knew prior to taking on the journey of being a founder is to lean on others. Interdependence is better than independence and vital to the growth of your business. 

For more information on Skinery Beauty please visit: skinergybeauty.com or follow their social media: Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn.