The Council has experienced a budgetary shortfall, which has left us with no other option than to undertake a reduction in force. Effective December 9, 2019 we eliminated three positions from The Council’s New York office: The Associate Director, Corporate ServicesDirector of Conferences & Events; and the Associate Director of MBE CertificationWe do not relish taking this action. We appreciate everything these employees have done over the years to advance our mission, and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Despite these layoffs, we will continue to serve our corporate members, MBE clients and vendors with the excellence and dedication that all have come to expect and appreciate.

We are restructuring to ensure a seamless transition.  Initially, we will operate as follows:

  1. MBE certifications will continue to be managed by our Director of Constituency Relations, Dora Reddick.
  2. MBE recertifications will be managed by our Director of Communications, Lizzette Santos.
  3. Corporate Sponsorships will be managed by Financial Administrator, Maria Rosa.
  4. Program Development and Events will be managed by our Vice President of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Erica Hernandez Cornier.
  5. Internships will be managed by our Director of Operations, Jacqueline Smith.
  6. I will address all other inquiries, comments, or concerns.

We will implement several new processes and announce new programs that will allow us to operate leaner while still accomplishing our business objectives.

We are excited about a prosperous New Year and are taking the appropriate steps to secure positive financial results in 2020.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support.

Terrence Clark

President & CEO