MBE Spotlight: HAN Staffing

HAN IT Staffing was conceived in 2012 and incorporated in December of that same year. The two owners, and equal partners, of the company, are Megha Pandey and Ria Kalra. They had been friends for several years, and starting a firm together was a dream venture for them.

HAN IT Staffing is a certified minority and women-owned business in the states of New York and NJ. Our company’s DNA has been both gender and racially diverse since its very inception. The company’s employee headcount has always been >70% female and racially diverse.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the founders knew there were other individuals (especially women) in the market who were looking for remote work flexibility – without compromising on, and equally passionate about, their work and careers. While forever committed to the work-life balance, it is this uncompromising commitment to excellence that has seen their confident venture grow leaps and bounds each year.

With revenue today ten-fold what it was just five years ago, and an ever-growing list of clients that have evolved into trusted partners in the industry, HAN Staffing Is poised to continue its successful journey – more importantly, doing so as a Minority and Women-owned business.