Women’s History Month Spotlight: Sheri A. Shafir

Sheri A. Shafir, A.P.P., is the Supplier Diversity and Sustainability Manager of Procurement at New York University. In her current role, Sheri champions Supplier Diversity and Sustainability to drive innovation, value, social/economic justice, and environmentally responsible sourcing. Sheri mentors, relationship builds, and introduces qualified diverse and sustainable suppliers to NYU decision makers and influencers.

Prior to this role, Sheri was the Head, Supplier Diversity for Novartis Business Services, Novartis’ shared services organization for 20 years, include 2 years as a Senior Procurement Specialist for Marketing Services and Patient Recruitment. Prior to Novartis, Sheri worked at McGraw-Hill Publishing for a decade as an Advertising/Production Manager in the College Textbook division and five years at McBee/Deluxe, a checks & forms manufacturer, as the Director of Advertising and Communications.

Sheri earned a B.S. in Marketing and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

“Gender Equality” is a key component of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We still have a gender pay gap. International Women’s Day reminds us to support social & economic justice. We should appreciate what we have but be mindful of gender inequality in the U.S. and around the world. As a society we need to do better and think about the intersectionality of social, racial, & economic justice, including gender equality. This day helps elevate the conversation globally. As a woman in the workforce, a mother, an aunt, a sister, a wife, and a friend to other women, we need to continue the equality dialogue to improve the lives of women today as well as future generations of women around the globe.