2019 Hispanic History Month

During National Hispanic Heritage Month, The Council celebrates with intense vigor and respect, the numerous contributions and achievements made by Hispanic and Latin American business owners. They continue to profoundly and positively influence our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service. For centuries those of Hispanic heritage have made a difference to our nation’s cultural, social, and economic prosperity.

Nearly 60-million people, or 18 percent of the American population, are of Hispanic or Latin origin.   With five-point-five million Hispanics living in the New York and New Jersey region, Hispanic Americans are the nation’s largest ethnic or racial minority. And, Hispanic and Latin entrepreneurs are an ever-growing and integral part of our economy. With close to five million Hispanic-owned businesses throughout the U.S., these firms account for more than $709 billion in sales revenues. U.S. Hispanic entrepreneurs have been starting businesses at a pace 15 times the national average over the last decade.  According to the 2019 Bank of America Hispanic Small Business Owner Spotlight, 87 percent of Hispanic entrepreneurs plan to expand their business this year; 20 percent higher than non-Hispanic business owners.

The activity of our certified Hispanic-owned minority-business enterprise is indicative of the national trend. The Council serves more than 360,000 firms in the New York and New Jersey region, which generate nearly $38 billion in sales revenues. Since we began our work in 1973, we have seen the number of Hispanic suppliers increase exponentially. Click below to view a list of our Council-certified Hispanic business owners and join us in celebrating their success.

The ongoing growth and development of our Hispanic MBEs reaffirm our mission and fuels The Council’s drive to continuously offer effective and innovative business-building tools, programs, and technical assistance resources that help them thrive.


Terrence Clark