MBE Spotlight: Hanowah

Ha’no:wa:h, meaning “turtle”, is a representation of “Mother Earth”. The hard shell of the turtle represents perseverance and protection, and according to some Native American tribes, the turtle played a role in the “creation” story. Sam Campbell, majority owner of Hanowah, is part of the Cayuga Nation turtle clan.

After years in the construction industry, interfacing directly with oil, gas, and power generation as a safety professional, Sam shifted roles and began overseeing and operating a pallet manufacturing facility in upstate New York.

Once production had tripled rapidly and maintained positive, Sam was ready to create his own legacy and teamed up with a handful of experts from the pallet and packaging management industry to build Hanowah with the intention of giving customers a fresh look at their supply chain.

With capabilities to service all industries across the board, Hanowah is the premier choice for your packaging and procurement solutions.