MBE Spotlight: Masterex Technologies Inc.

Masterex Technologies Inc. established with a goal to provide the best, most cost-effective solutions to their client’s information management needs. They provide objective business advice to help their clients achieve market-leading results. More and more companies are turning to Masterex Technologies Inc. to help them create business value through technology that translates into superior market share, revenue and profitability.

Masterex can assist both medium and large enterprises deploy and manage Workday, whether it is Workday HCM, Workday Financial Management, or any other Workday offering. With tomorrow on its way, they are here to help you get there faster. Workday continues to evolve and they are already prepared for the future. Here you will find all information about Workday Cloud Platform, which already offers you a real added value.

Starting with Workday or a long-time user, their perspective and resources run enterprise-wide, so they can go all in and deliver end-to-end or optimize what their client currently have. Whatever client need, they ensure every deployment adds up to sustainable growth—in the now-term and into the future.

Their consulting services put the power of the cloud and cognitive technologies to work to drive digital innovation and increase employee engagement. From strategic consulting services to cognitive solutions, Masterex can help our clients put the power of Workday’s cloud-based tool and cognitive tools. Modernising the way finance and HR teams operate and collaborate. With Workday services ranging from post go-live stabilization and release management to integrations monitoring and comprehensive health checks they have grown their business by providing our clients with superior support services.  

Masterex Technologies Inc. provides an enterprise-wide solution for core HR functionality, recruitment management; classification and compensation, absence management, position management, learning management, and talent and performance management. They also expertise in providing financial management and integration support.

They have a highly-qualified team that works diligently to implement, deploy & provide Workday support to all their clients. Since they are 100% focussed on Workday, they have passive Workday candidates reach out to them directly instead of posting their resumes online and that’s how they have a pool of talent.