MBE Spotlight: Yvonne McNair

Captivate Marketing Group is led by Yvonne McNair, the highly creative certified Entertainment Marketing Professional and two-time Emmy Nominated Event Producer. Yvonne has a proven track record of conceptualizing and orchestrating small and large production events, marketing campaigns and programs to effectively create business development opportunities, and increase revenue and growth. Yvonne is known as a powerhouse behind-the-scenes closing deals, sculpting entertainment, one exquisite experience at a time. She has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the entertainment industry from grassroots organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and A-List artists. Learn more about her exciting career on the Captivate Marketing website.

Since 2008, Captivate Marketing Group has been known for their ability to bring ideas, execution and results together. Their experience spans thousands of events, in every major market, at hundreds of venues across the country.

Whether it is producing a live event, creating and managing a corporate event, a consumer product launch that generates buzz, or an all-star production their award-winning team produces experiences that make people talk. They will collaborate with your team, to manage the entire event and bring your vision to life. Their business was created to make your job as easy as possible.

The CMG team creates programs that connect trendsetting consumers, influencers, and the media to your brand. They exist to engage, entertain and brighten people’s lives through the experiences they create. Services include: Event management, Live/virtual event production, talent booking, ideation, events strategy and ROI assessment, budget development, event marketing and sponsor activations.

Captivate Marketing Group is proud to be a certified Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise with the NY & NJ MSDC.