MBE Spotlight: Hetal Parikh, Rangam Consultants

Hetal Parikh, president of Rangam Consultants Inc., fuels Rangam’s vision of “Employment for Everyone.” These words drive her to continually pave the path for boundless professional and personal achievements.

Parikh seeks to create a people-centric workplace within Rangam and in corporations worldwide. Over the past 20 years, Rangam has become a high-performing, diverse supplier of workforce solutions utilizing innovative technology and strategic delivery models. Parikh’s inventive thinking inspires everyone at Rangam and influences others to create a more collaborative workforce. She is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion at work for all intersectionality.

As a talent-acquisition game-changer, Rangam developed SourceAbled™, an end-to-end solution connecting employers, job seekers who are differently abled, and support agencies. Rangam also offers SourceVets™, a career development and employment program for transitioning military service members.

“My team and I have worked together to build a culture of true empathy and inclusion,” says Parikh. “With this motto instilled within the corporation, we collaborate with our clients and industry experts to provide a better quality of life to our candidates of all abilities. That’s our mission each and every day.”

Parikh, secretary for The Council’s MBE Input Committee serves on several boards, including the WPO advisory, DA4S, Fulton Bank, and SAPC. She plays an active role as a Harvard OPM Alumni and DWEN Alumni, advocating for Women in higher education and STEAM. To learn how Parikh became a self-made innovator, read “See Her, Be Her,” published by IWEC.