Corporate Spotlight: Citi

Javette Hines is the Head of Supply Chain Development, Inclusion, and Sustainability at Citi. Javette is also a member of Citi’s Enterprise Infrastructure Operations & Technology Diversity Operating Committee. As a NMSDC Board Member, Javette serves as the link between Citi’s ongoing diversity efforts and the Council’s nationwide network of certified MBEs. Javette talks about her role on the board in this video.

Citi is committed to establishing close working relationships with diverse suppliers in the 160+ countries and jurisdictions it reaches. Citi found that supplier diversity leads to increased efficiency and innovation, as well as a positive impact on the communities it serves. Citi maintains a close connection with the NMSDC through Javette’s leadership. Citi also directly supports the NY/NJ MSDC and sponsored the 2019 Sustainability Symposium in New York.

Javette leads Citi’s efforts to consider and include diverse firms within Citi’s global supplier selection process. She works across the firm to meet supply chain sustainability initiatives, with specific focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Her recent endeavors include leading supply chain recruiting at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and increasing supply chain opportunities for women-owned businesses in developing countries.

Amidst difficult times comes the opportunity for transformation. Javette’s message to the Council’s network of certified suppliers and colleagues is to stay focused, encouraged, and engaged. Today’s challenges may also open doors to transformative opportunities. Javette reminds us that the Council’s network serves as a powerful force to support change, support each other, and achieve our goals.