June: MBE Spotlight

Lee Tracey – Fashion Design

Hello, my name is Lee Tracey and my company is Imagine Fashion Design, here is a brief summary of my story which is still continuing to evolve. In April of 2013 I decided to act on a lifelong vision I had of becoming an entrepreneur, that coupled with a desire and passion for both sports and fashion spawned Imagine Fashion Design LLC. With the help of a lifelong friend Garvin Guillot, we began developing a line of sports apparel focused toward the Big 4(NBA,MLB,NFL,NHL). Primarily our focus was on providing professional sports apparel for sale in retail markets, we currently have expanded to include all levels of sports and apparel for the workplace as well. In July of 2013, we became a certified MBE with the Council with the understanding that we needed to connect with like-minded people who were serious about providing access to business contracts, and more importantly connections.

We began attending Council sponsored events immediately, one of the very first events we attended was the Sustainability Summit 2013. At that event we met Corey Smith, who is the Senior Director of Supplier Diversity and Strategic Alliances for Major League Baseball. Corey has been with us every step of the way ever since, as a mentor, a critic, and as an inspiration who is still committed to seeing us obtain success. We truly have seen first-hand the Council’s message to MBE’s, of signing up to workshops and attending as many events as possible. In following the Council’s message we attended a jointly sponsored event by both MLB, and the Council which was the MLB Diversity Business Summit given in April of 2014. That event gave us the opportunity to meet with Majestic Athletic in Florida, to discuss a possible business arrangement. Lastly during the Council’s Business Expo in 2015, we met Nkrumah Pierre of PLG Consulting and he has invited us to a number of events that have turned into connecting with more business professionals.

The Council’s President Terrance Clark, has been extremely accessible whether at an event, via email, or over the telephone. It’s quite obvious to us he is passionate about providing MBE’s with anything in his power to ensure their success. His philosophy definitely resonates throughout all levels of the Council’s staff, the dedication that we have encountered from everyone one at the Council has been incredible. I can say our personal journey to get this far along and meet so many professionals would have been almost impossible, without the help of the Council. Our story is not yet complete as our journey continues, however we are beginning to gain traction and we remain committed to obtaining our goal of securing a contract with a Major Sports League or Retailer to provide our apparel.

Imagine Fashion Design
Lee Tracey 516-473-1994
Garvin Guillot 516-776-5831

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