Supplier Diversity Programs for Corporations

Searching for a reputable supplier diversity network?

Not only does a corporate membership with The Council provide access to our exclusive database of minority owned businesses, but it also gives corporations of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from our continued support. Whether you need help developing your own supplier diversity programs, are interested in getting supplier referrals and introductions, or are looking for assistance in RFP/bid distribution, you’ll surely benefit from a NYNJMSDC membership.

Benefits of Corporate Membership


As a corporate member, you’ll have access to the MSDC database of thousands of certified minority business enterprises. We verify ownership, operation, and control of each business and renew certifications annually to ensure everything is up to date — and that all our diverse suppliers meet your compliance standards.


Active participation in The Council will highlight your company as one that is respected and socially responsible. Your commitment to the success of supplier diversity programs increases wealth in diverse communities across our region, which in turn enhances the economy so that all businesses can grow.


If you don’t have a fully developed supplier diversity program, we can help. The Council assists members in creating their own diverse supplier events and opportunities. In addition, we recognize our partners and sponsors, providing the perfect opportunity for you to acknowledge the hard work of your supplier management team.



Membership is available to any person, firms, or corporations which purchase goods and services from minority businesses. Corporate members must designate, in writing, a representative who will act for and on behalf of the entity in connection with the affairs of The Council.

Members are encouraged to:
  • Attend The Council’s membership meetings
  • Participate in NYNJMSDC activities, including:
    • Service on standing Council committees
    • Assistance with special projects
    • Furtherance of mutual goals
  • Prepare and submit annual dollar amounts of purchases made with minority suppliers

If you have any questions, please contact Corporate Services staff at


Annual membership fees for joining the NYNJMSDC are determined by employee count.

Classification # of Employees Fee Amount
Non-Profit or Govt Any $2,000
For Profit or Higher Education Under 500 $3,000
500 - 1,000 $3,500
1,000 - 5,000 $4,500
5,000 - 10,000 $5,500
10,000 + $6,500

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The Council’s network of certified MBEs provides you the opportunity to enhance your supplier diversity network. See who’s involved and decide if the NYNJMSDC is right for you.
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Programs & Events



Membership in the NYNJMSDC enables you to leverage the knowledge of other corporate supplier management and diversity professionals. The Council provides educational sessions to enhance your skills, peer-to-peer mentoring to share best practices, and industry-specific benchmarking programs. You’ll stay ahead of common supplier metrics so you can accurately track your performance.

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We foster relationship-building by creating networking events throughout the year which enable you to get to know the people behind the products and services you purchase. Our largest events include an annual Business Opportunity Exchange, a day of networking and golf, and our partnership and sponsor recognition events. In addition, our calendar is filled with great events to enhance your outreach efforts and help you meet the right people to better manage your supplier diversity program.

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We are offering more than just access to a comprehensive database of certified minority-owned businesses through our supplier diversity organization. We are your dedicated partner in developing and optimizing your supplier diversity programs. Our expertise in this field means that as a corporate member, you'll have access to valuable insights, best practices, and resources to help you navigate and enhance your supplier diversity initiatives.

We can guide you in developing effective strategies, refining your supplier management processes, and ensuring that your supplier base aligns with your organization's diversity and inclusion goals. By partnering with us and our supplier diversity organization, you're joining a network of like-minded companies committed to promoting supplier diversity. Together, we make a meaningful impact on minority-owned businesses and the broader economy in New York and New Jersey. Join us in advancing supplier diversity and being recognized as a socially responsible and forward-thinking corporate leader.

Ready to join The Council and forge your own relationships with certified MBEs?

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