A & A Construction, Inc.
A + Consulting, Inc.
A&A Maintenance Enterprise, Inc.
A. Anthony Corp.
A.C. Roman & Associates, Inc.
ABBA Construction, LLC
Abitronix, LLC
Academy Securities, Inc.
Access Computer Floors
Adar Educational Technologies LLC
Aireko Pres Energy Services LLC
AK Contracting Group LLC
Alamo Insurance Group, Inc. (The)
Alianza Services, LLC
American Business Communications, Inc.
American Maintenance & Janitorial Services & Supplies Co. Corp.
American Pallet Recycling, LLC
Andrew Vazquez, Inc.
Apparatus Mfg., Inc.
Apto Partners LLC
Architectural Flooring Resource, Inc.
Arcos Communications
AUA Private Equity Partners, LLC
Bandujo Advertising & Design, Inc.
Barclay Investments LLC
Bardin Palomo, Ltd.
BCI Systems, Inc.
Beacon CMP Corporation
Bella Marketing, Inc.
Beugelmans & Partners, LLP
Blisset Transportation, Inc.
Blue Peach Media, Inc.
BRAVO! Building Services, Inc.
Building Automation Solutions LLC
Business Relocation Services Inc.
Caldwell Marine International, LLC
Carmelo Scaffidi & Sons Blacktopping Inc.
Cibao Meat Products, Inc.
Clarke Packaging Corporation
Classic Labels, Inc.
CNS Environmental Corp.
CNS Management Corp.
Columbia Service Industries, Inc.
Comint Apparel Group, LLC
Concepts Office Furnishings, Inc.
Consolidated Energy Design, Inc.
Continental Trading & Services
Copy & Art Advertising, LLC
Council Rock Enterprises, LLC
CQ Fluency, Inc.
Creative Data Resources, Inc.
Crucial Foods, LLC DBA Savoy LLC
Cruz Street Media Inc
CSR Construction Corporation
Cynertek Consulting LLC
D Exposito & Partners, LLC
DecentXposure LLC
Design Alternatives NY LLC
Direct Environmental Corp.
Direct Mail Works
Direct Market Designs, Inc.
Donnelly & Moore Inc.
Drohan Lee LLP
EAS Quality Installations, Inc.
EcoStruct Contracting & Specialties Corp.
EG Munoz Construction II, LLC
EN.V Consulting, LLC
Envision Innovative Solutions Inc.
Excellent Printing & Packaging, Inc.
EXIGIS Limited Liability Company
Expert Title Insurance
Falcon Electronics, Inc.
Ferreira Construction Co., Inc.
Fil Doux Inc.
G & B Janitorial Supply, Inc.
Gady Contracting G.C. Inc.
Galica, LLC
Garden State A-1 Car & Limousine Service, Inc.
Garic, Inc.
Genius Plaza, Inc.
GIA Partners, LLC
Gilbert International, Inc.
Godanded Inc
Gramieri Design Services, Inc.
GSSInsight LLC
Hamilton Street Inc. DBA Flooring Central
HAP Marketing Services, Inc.
Hazlow Electronics, Inc.
Hernandez Technologies DBA First Capital Payments
High Point Solutions, Inc.
Ideal Interiors Group, LLC
IdeaRocket LLC
Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc.
Impacto Latin News, Inc.
InterAction 24, LLC
ITS Express, Inc.
J & L Electrical/Communications Group, Inc.
Jajan & Associates, PLLC
JB Exceleration LLC
Just Wood Pallets, Inc.
K+H Security Solutions LLC
Kampack, Inc.
L. Frank Urban, Inc. DBA Urban Flooring Systems
Leo’s Choice Quality Wines & Spirits, LLC
Living Group, LLC dba Manhattan Office Design
Local Wisdom, Inc.,
Lomas Capital Management, LLC
Lugo Nutrition, Inc
M.I.C. General Contracting, Inc.
Magic Cleaning Services Of Rochester
Manhattan Business Interiors Inc.
Mara Liz Meinhofer Consulting
Margulies Hoelzli Architecture, PLLC
Martinez Associates Inc.
Maverick Building Services, Inc.
MBE Capital Partners
Media2, Inc.
Medisys Health Communications, LLC
Menotti Enterprise, LLC
Meridian Design Associates Architects, P.C.
Michael A. Serrano, Inc. DBA Briteway Security Systems
Midre Contracting Corp.
Miguel Rodriguez dba Long Island Cable Connections
Millennium Remanufactured Toner, Inc.
Moxie Pictures, Inc.
N.C. & Sons, Inc.
NCS Technologies, Inc.
Nelson Services Systems Inc.
Nema Associates, Inc
New Mainstream Capital Management Holding, LLC
Nicon Construction LLC
Nielsen Personnel Inc.
Northeast Remsco Construction, Inc.
Nova Services Group, LLC
Outsource Consultants, Inc.
Palladium Capital Management III, LLC
Palladium Capital Management IV, LLC
Paradigm Packaging Group, Inc.
Park Avenue Building and Roofing Supplies, LLC
PCS Pump and Process, Inc
Penso Advisors, llc
Perfect Limo Service, Inc.
Postersigns, Inc.
Precision Group, LLC
Precision Printing & Packaging, Inc.
Preferred Building Services, Inc.
Pride Healthcare, LLC
Pride Technologies, LLC
Pro-Activity Associates, LLC
Proftech, LLC
PS & E Electrical Contracting LLC
Puches Design, Inc.
Quality and Assurance Technology
Quality Building Services, Inc.
Quantic Group Ltd., (The)
Rafael Vinoly Architects
Ramirez Asset Management, Inc.
Resilient Media
Resilient Resources, Inc.
Rio Pharmaceutical Services, LLC
Rivera – Robles & Montes CPA, PLLC
Robinson Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Ronis Bros. Sewing Machine Corp.
Russell Tobin and Associates
S.A. Barcia Inspections, LLC.
SAIMA of North America, Inc
Salsa Professional Apparel & Supplies
Samuel A. Ramirez & Co., Inc.
Santa Fe Leather Corp.
Saratoga Flag, A Broadway Banner & Graphics Co., LLC
SBS of Greater New York, Inc.
Sierra Coffee, LLC
Signaturejets Inc. Dba Signature Fuel
Skyline Electrical Contracting Corp..
Spearhead Transportation Services, Inc.
Spectra Colors Corp
Spectrotel Holding Company LLC.
Spectrotel Inc.
Squeaky Wheel Media Incorporated
Standard Group, LLC, (The)
Steeltech Reinforcement LLC
Sunset Printing and Engraving Corp.
Switchgear Solutions Ltd. NY & NJ
Synergistic Systems,Inc.
Techacs Corp.
The MirRam Group LLC
The Mundial Group, Inc.
The O.C.Lugo Co., Inc.
The O’Hara Project LLC
The Setroc Group, Inc.
Total Connection Logistic Services Inc
Total Extermination LLC
TransAmerica Logistics, Inc.
Tribeca Automotive Inc.
Tropical Cheese Industries
Trucktech Parts and Service Inc.
TUCS Cleaning Service, Inc.
U.S. Merco Trade International LLC
Unified Air Industries Corp.
United Fuel Services, LLC
United Print Group, Inc.
Vanguard Energy Partners LLC
Vertical Solutions, Inc.
Vida-blend LLC
Vitel Communications
Wall Ball World LLC
Wallico Maintenance Group, LLC
WB&B Executive Search LLC (WB&B)
Westbrook Marketing, LLC
Westside Wood Refinishing Corp.
WheelHouse Communications, LLC
White Star Logistics, Inc.
XL Alliance, LLC dba Cien+
XL Worldwide Corp.
Xperteks Computer Consultancy, Inc.

Yacht Events, LLC
Zeus Associates, Inc.

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