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25th Annual Networking for Scholarships

May 18th 2023 | New York, NY

Celebrating 50 Years of MBE Advancement


Leveraging the RGMA 10 Characteristics of World-Class Suppliers to Grow your Business (MBEs ONLY)

The workshop topics will include:

  • Benchmarking Your Company against the RGMA 5-Levels of Corporate Suppliers Maturity Model™
  • Analyzing the current state within RGMA 10 Components of World-Class Corporate Suppliers
  • Utilizing the RGMA Digital Assessment and Strategy Tool to:
    • Strengthen your company’s performance within each of the RGMA 10 Components
    • Leveraging these tools to accelerate your business development strategy
    • Integrating these digital tools into your business plan

Leveraging Supplier Diversity Best Practices to Accelerate Program Performance (CORPORATES ONLY) 

The workshop topics will include:

  • Benchmarking Your Program against the enhanced RGMA 5-Levels of Supplier Diversity Maturity Model®
  • Integrating the RGMA 10 components of world-class supplier diversity programs into your program strategy
  • Presentation of the Layton Supply Chain Sustainability Readiness Extension
  • Utilizing the RGMA Digital Assessment and Strategy Tool to:
    • Accelerate the implementation of best practices & training
    • Strengthen your organization’s Second Tier program,
    • Align the supplier diversity program with supply chain sustainability

Corporate Supplier Diversity Professional Tune-up  (CORPORATES ONLY)

Whether your Corporate Supplier Diversity Initiative is new or longstanding, join us for this informative session that will provide useful tools and best practices to make the most of your NYNJ Council membership. We’ll introduce you to the NYNJ Council staff and learn their roles and responsibilities; provide an overview of the MBEIC and how to best partner with them; share supplier diversity best practices including goals, industry standards and dos and don’ts.

Access to Resources (MBEs ONLY)

J.P. Morgan Chase leaders Joy Butts and Michelle Buonfiglio provide an overview of resources for diverse entrepreneurs offered by the firm as an extension of their $30 billion Racial Equity Commitment

RISE Luncheon: Opportunities for Diverse Businesses

Join Rise, created by Barclays, to learn more about ways we’re accelerating innovation and growth in the financial services industry.

Rise, created by Barclays, operates FinTech workspaces in New York and London with a virtual community, where cutting-edge startups and scale-ups can connect, create and scale their businesses — backed by Barclays’ global network of industry experts, mentors, investors and partners. 

At Rise NY, we run a free monthly mentoring programme for FinTech start-ups by providing access to world class mentors. Our thought leadership events focus on themes like payments, regtech, artificial intelligence and more.

The MBE to MBE Goldrush: New Opportunities and New Markets (MBEs ONLY)

Join the MBE Input Committee to explore business opportunities in the burgeoning field of renewable energy. Get ready to hack your way into a profitable future as we take a deep dive into the offshore wind industry. Calling all manufacturers, engineers, innovators, marketing firms, data scientists, staffing agencies, event planners, uniform suppliers, equipment providers, construction firms, environmentalists, fleet owners, logistic specialists, urban planners, IT specialists, and community connectors. All certified MBEs are encouraged to attend.

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