MBE Spotlight: Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert is a Webby & New York Festival award-winning podcast host, producer, and writer. He is the CEO and Founder of DCP Entertainment, a media production & distribution network for underrepresented voices. Prior to founding DCP Entertainment, Chris previously worked at SXM and Cadence13, where he worked with names like Jamie Foxx, Touré, Joy-Ann Reid, Zak Levitt, iHeart Media, ESSENCE, PEOPLE, Crooked Media, Sports Illustrated, and the United Negro College Fund. 

At DCP Entertainment, Chris and his team specialize in media partnerships and content development for audio and video projects. He has produced content for brands like iHeart Media, Wondery, State Farm (nominated for 2023 Best Branded Podcast), Nissan, Dell, and Remy Martin. 

Chris also serves on the board for The Podcast Academy, BIPOC Podcast Creators, LWC Studios, and the Podcasting Seriously Awards Fund. He also serves as a judge for the Webby Awards, New York Festival Radio Awards, and The Ambies.

About DCP Entertainment

DCP Entertainment is an award-winning media agency that specializes in producing audio and video content to elevate underrepresented communities and voices. DCP provides a full suite of podcast production services from concept to distribution, giving brands and influencers the most value for their money, including a built-in recording space in Times Square NYC.

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Being a minority business is an honor! Particularly in my field of media, we get to shape the narratives and conversations about our community and the world in a responsible and authentic way. The whole reason I focused my business on this area of the industry is that we get to help create an equitable space for all creators of color and other marginalized individuals before we have to experience another #OscarsSoWhite. It truly is a privilege to work with other minority businesses to create the landscape that will allow talent to rise to the top—without the barriers to entry that plague so many different forms of media.

For more information on DCP Entertainment, please visit: dcpofficial.com or follow their social media: Instagram, X, Facebook, and Threads.