MBE Spotlight: Arlenis Dominguez

Arlenis Dominquez is the Founder and President of Vivid Arc, an architecture and design firm located just outside New York City. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a licensed architect throughout the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Her passion for architecture stems from the desire to share experiences with people through building design. Arlenis believes there is beauty in a silent language like architecture that she hopes to be able to share with the world. 

Professionally, she is both an architect and designer but in her personal life, she is a wife and mother. She thrives in a competitive environment and welcomes challenges that she has to overcome. Arlenis finds joy in being able to use architecture to address her client’s problems and create solutions. She lives by the motto “Dare to Dream”.

About Vivid Arc.

Vivid Arc is an Architecture and Design firm. We have experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Healthcare fields. Vivid Arc has passion and devotion to every project worked on, no matter how small. We bring justice to the notion of architecture by designing beautiful, functional buildings. Vivid Arc believes that form should follow function, and although we prioritize function, we do our best to make sure the form satisfies the client and users desires. 

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Vivid Arc is proud to be a minority business because we are one of many who assist in representing the victory of a battle. The battle of our ancestors and families before us who may not have had equal opportunity. To own a business is a triumph for many and to be a minority and own a business is proof of change and hope. We are the fire that shines through the darkness and encourages others to keep on fighting for the dream. 

How has being certified with the NMSDC helped your business?

NMSDC provides guidance on how to navigate being a minority-owned business. They assist in figuring out what to do with that advantage and how to build on it. NMSDC is encouraging and reminds us how much more we can do to help our companies and others. 

What is one thing you wish you had known when you were starting out in your career?

When starting my career, I wish I knew more about financial structure. It is something that people do not emphasize but it takes a while to learn and understand. Even though I am an Architect, I am a business owner, and finance is a crucial part of that success that all business owners need to know. 

For more information on Vivid Arc LLC, please visit: vivid-arc.com or follow their social media: Facebook and LinkedIn.