Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month: Honoring Diversity, Empowering Communities

Spring is officially here, bringing with it a vibrant celebration of culture, history, and contributions from the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. At The Council, we embrace the richness of diversity in all its forms, recognizing the role AAPI individuals and businesses play in shaping our society and economy.

Celebrating Achievements

This month is a great time to celebrate and recognize the remarkable achievements of AAPI individuals. From groundbreaking advancements in science and technology to unparalleled success in business entrepreneurship and leadership, AAPI professionals continue to inspire and drive progress and prosperity in our communities.

Bill Imada is the chairman and chief connectivity officer for IW Group. He has worked with many well-known brands including American Airlines, Coca-Cola, General Motors, and McDonalds. His work supporting the AAPI community has been recognized by the White House earning him an appointment to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islanders by President Barack Obama. 

Ajay Bhatt was a computer architect who defined and developed many widely used technologies like the Universal Serial Bus (USB Devices), Platform Power Management architecture, and various chipset improvements and has pioneered the way a lot of our technology runs today. 

Larry Itliong emigrated from the Philippines to California when he was 15 and had dreams of becoming a lawyer. He later found his passion as a labor leader who co-founded the United Farm Workers. He convinced thousands of workers to go on strike against local vineyards to demand better pay and the right to form a union. 

Patsy Mink was the first Asian American woman elected to Congress and represented the state of Hawaii for 24 years. Through each of her many political campaigns, she stayed true to her morals on behalf of Asian Americans, women, and children—even when it put her career at risk. 

Empowering Communities

At The Council, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where all businesses can thrive. We recognize the unique challenges faced by AAPI entrepreneurs and suppliers and remain dedicated to providing them with the support, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed.

Through our certification program, networking events, and educational initiatives, we aim to empower AAPI-owned businesses, helping them access new markets, forge valuable partnerships, and achieve sustainable growth.

If you are looking to get more involved with The Council this month, check out our news and events page and see what we have coming up. 

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Terrence Clark