November’s Certified Supplier Spotlight: Ongweoweh Corp

Ongweoweh Corp is a Native American-owned, pallet management company providing pallet & packaging procurement, recycling services and supply chain optimization programs. Ongweoweh provides custom analytics along with data and trend analysis for a very diverse customer base of Fortune 500 companies. Ongweoweh services a variety of industries, including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, grains, chemicals, automotive, oil, technology, corrugated, retail, and more.

Established in 1978, Ongweoweh Corp was founded by Frank Bonamie, an enrolled member of the Cayuga Indian Nation of New York, and has grown to be one of the most successful privately owned Native American companies in the United States. The history of the Cayuga Indians runs deep in the state of New York. Historically living in the Finger Lakes area of Central New York, the Iroquoian-speaking indigenous people are the farthest west in regards to the Six Nations located in New York. The Cayugas lived along the river in longhouses and were agriculturists of the “Three Sisters”, corn, beans, and squash, and expert hunters and anglers; all of which is all still prominent to the Finger Lakes area today.

The Six Nations refers to “the people of the longhouse”, Mohawks, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and after 1722, Tuscarora as well. These nations were joined together as a peacekeeping organization. Once all nations joined the ‘longhouse’, there became a grand council of 50 chiefs, and they would use this platform to make decisions and relationships for the Six Nations. This is the oldest living
‘participatory democracy’. People like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson observed this meeting and used this as a starting point for the current set up of the federal government. As time went on, Senecas negotiated treaties to protect their land and culture, which lead to the New York State Legislature acknowledging the lands as tax free in 1857.

Ongweoweh, which translates to “the original people”, is a certified MBE, and continues to have strong ties to their native heritage and supports many programs and scholarships for the advancement of Native Americans and the surrounding community. Ongweoweh is committed to encouraging Native Americans to pursue a career in supply chain management and recruiting them upon finishing their higher education.
The values and principles embodied in the Native American heritage of Ongweoweh are evident in their daily business practices, namely through the integrity and respect shown for employees, manufacturers, and customers.

With multiple locations operating in the US, Canada, and Mexico, it truly is a full circle solution to any supply chain need. They offer new pallet facilities, recycling facilities, and a sorting center. The sister company, Native Trax Logistics is the brokerage division handling freight, and the other sister company, Native Trax Transport, is asset based with goals to exceed 10 carriers by mid-2018. Both of these are certified MBEs.
When exploring options for an easier and a more manageable pallet system, visit for quotes and capabilities.

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