This is a round-robin, discussion-style workshop led by our corporate members, designed to promote a healthy environment for MBE growth and improvement. MBEs connect with participating corporate and government members of their choice in an open and professional environment.

Once everyone is seated at the roundtable, the corporate member leads the discussion by giving a two-minute explanation of their company and what kind of supplier they are seeking. Each MBE then has one minute to present their elevator pitch outlining their company’s capacity as well as what differentiates their company from others in their respective industries. These pitches will be timed by a designated timer with a watch or a cellphone stopwatch; he or she can either time themselves or have someone else take over when it is their turn. After the introductions, the corporate member has an opportunity to ask questions and engage in round table discussions. At the end of the 20 minutes, all MBEs must move to another corporate member’s table. There will be 5-minute breaks in between each session.