About the Event

This year we have hosted multiple Business Opportunity Exchanges (BOE) throughout New York and New Jersey to maximize the opportunity for Certified Suppliers and Corporations to connect and develop business relationships. Our New Jersey BOE will take place on November 19, 2019 in Prudential’s offices located at 751 Broad Street, Newark, NJ.

The 2019 New Jersey Business Opportunity Exchange continues to follow the program format The Council introduced in New York a few years ago. Hundreds of corporate members and certified minority-owned-business enterprises (MBEs) engage in robust dialogue about real opportunities during a chock-full one-day event.

The Exchange offers attendees unprecedented access to best practices in supplier diversity and exciting methods to succeed in business through engaging programming, MBE led MarketPlace networking, information sessions, and compelling speakers.

Our Exchanges are dynamic and cost-effective platforms for corporations and MBEs to interact. The one-day conference is fertile ground for corporations and MBEs to develop future business relationships and to grow and sustain existing ones. Every year, the Exchange increases opportunities for members to identify new, qualified, and capable minority-owned firms to enhance their supplier base.

Don’t miss the region’s most talked about Exchange featuring our unique MarketPlace connections.