CQ fluency first became certified as a Minority Supplier with The Council in January of 2009 after following a recommendation of Jackie La Joie, the Supplier Diversity Manager at Merck at the time. As a direct consequence of that relationship, Merck also sponsored Elisabete Miranda, President of CQ fluency to attend the Executive Program at Tuck School of Business.

Once certified, CQ fluency regularly attended all major Council events. The company’s first significant corporate connection was at the 2010 Business Opportunity Expo where it met Sherry Shafir, Supplier Diversity Manager at Novartis. Through gradually building that relationship, CQ fluency was eventually sponsored by Novartis to the 18-month Center of Excellence (COE) program where the company was able to connect with several key Supplier Diversity Managers in its target industry. Making and developing those connections in time led to numerous new contracts and/or referrals that greatly contributed to CQ fluency’s success overall.

Some of the companies that CQ fluency was awarded contracts with as a direct and/or indirect result from the strong relationships built over time with many of the Supplier Diversity Managers they met through the COE and local (NYNJ MSDC) and national (NMSDC) events are: UMDNJ (now Rutgers and University Hospital); Merck; Novartis; Sanofi; Aetna; Cigna; Dell and most recently BMS and MetLife. The total cumulative revenue from these contracts overtime is 7.5 M+.

In addition to getting contracts, CQ fluency was also invited to participate in several strategic RPFs including: Pfizer, Colgate, Ingersoll Rand, J&J, IPG and just recently, Anthem. Another direct result of its certification was a partnership contract with BCT (also a MBE). And last but not least, Elisabete Miranda applied and was awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women following the suggestion and encouragement of Theresa Harrison (EY’s Global diversity & Inclusiveness Leader).

Additionally, in 2011 CQ fluency was presented with the Regional Supplier Diversity of the Year Award and got a scholarship for the Advanced Management Education Program (AMEP) at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a program that provides certified, established, expansion-oriented MBEs with the skills and tools needed to achieve and sustain accelerated growth.

Becoming certified with the NMDSC has been a key catalyst for much of this organization’s success and growth. In fact, since 2009 CQ fluency has grown a staggering 430% while creating 17 new direct jobs and engaging over 760 new independent contractors. “Though we truly appreciate the financial achievements we experienced through our association with The Council and NMSDC, we are equally grateful for all the great people we got to know in this community, many of which have become friends for life,” says Elisabete Miranda. “And this is what real success is all about.”

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