MBE Spotlight: Yuliya Gimadiev

Yuliya immigrated to the United States from Ukraine in the early 2000s, graduated college, and proceeded to lay the foundation to become a leader in her community and industry. 

In 2017, she established The Best Shades, LLC alongside her husband Marat Gimadiev. This venture was born from her passion for construction, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. Yuliya is a visionary leader with a unique blend of her dual Bachelor’s degrees in English and Business Communications. As a Ukrainian immigrant, Yuliya embodies the spirit of freedom of entrepreneurship and a self-made success through managing multiple businesses, and adeptly overseeing operations. Yuliya’s relentless pursuit of excellence has elevated The Best Shades LLC to an award-winning position, setting new standards for quality and innovation in the custom window treatment industry. Her leadership is underscored by a commitment to mentorship, aiming to guide and inspire others in business and construction areas.

About The Best Shades LLC.

The Best Shades is a Minority and Women Owned Certified Business providing and installing a comprehensive range of custom interior window treatments in the NYC Metropolitan area. 

With years of reputed presence in the industry, they are proud to service city, state, and government agencies, commercial clients, and private residences in New York and New Jersey. 

They are considered a one-stop shop for manual and motorized roller shades, blinds, shutters, drapes, curtains, sheers, window film, and more.

What does being a minority business, or supporting minority businesses, mean to you?

Being a minority business—and supporting others like us—represents the core of our community-building efforts. At The Best Shades, we’ve established the Community Window initiative specifically designed to uplift other MWBEs. Through this platform, we share vital resources, promote networking, and highlight opportunities that foster growth and collaborations between minority-owned businesses. It’s our way of contributing to a more diverse and inclusive business environment where every small business has the tools to succeed.

How has being certified with the NMSDC helped your business?

Certification with the NMSDC has been transformative for our business, opening doors to the corporate world that were previously out of reach. It has facilitated valuable networking opportunities, allowing us to forge new partnerships and participate in events that enhance our visibility. Additionally, the peer learning experiences and access to various resources have been crucial in refining our business strategies and accelerating our growth.

What is one thing you wish you had known when you were starting out in your career?

Looking back at the very start of my career, I wish I had understood the immense power of social capital earlier. The network of supporters, those who have navigated the path I aspired to tread, could have been pivotal from the start. Learning to cultivate and value these relationships is something I’ve come to appreciate deeply, as they are not just connections but cornerstones that support, advise, and propel you toward your goals in ways you can’t achieve alone.

For more information on The Best Shades LLC., please visit: thebestshades.com or follow their Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn.