March: MBE Spotlight

Geeta Sundrani
Hudson Court Reporting

Hudson Court Reporting is a court reporting agency servicing the legal industry since 1998. We facilitate complex cases with large numbers of court proceedings that are geographically scattered and logistically demanding. What separates Hudson Court Reporting from its peers is not size or ad-spend but longevity and quality of business relationships with our skilled and technologically savvy stenographers, videographers and affiliates. This has enabled us to competitively support and provision multi-track and multi-district depositions across all 50 states (including Hawaii) as well as in Sweden, China, UK, Australia, Mexico, and Canada. Hudson has grown its repeat customer base over the years to a highly diverse group of medium to large law firms and individual law practices.

Hudson Court Reporting is the brainchild of Geeta Sundrani whose successful five-year tenure as director of operations at Doyle Reporting from 1993 to 1998 (a leading court reporting agency in New York City at the time) gave her the impetus to launch her own agency out of her home office. Within a decade Hudson grew to a full service court reporting agency with Offices in New York and New Jersey facilitating law firms and courts nationally and internationally. Attention to detail, professionalism and skillful handling of cases (ranging from a few depositions to upwards of three hundred) are our strengths.

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