MBE & Capital Partners

At MBE Capital Partners (MBECP) our only focus is to provide funding services for MBEs selling goods and services to Fortune 500 companies on credit terms of 60 days or less. You should talk to us about how we could create a finance program that we will build, manage and fund for your vendors based on your needs. Our Signature program is Speed Pay which is a Hybrid of an MSP (Managed Supplier Program) with Accelerated payments like a Supply Chain Finance program without the cumbersome onboarding process. We also provide purchase order financing paired with our finance programs.

We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our funding solutions for MBEs. This means that your vendors will not have to wait lengthy periods of time for a lending decision, unlike many banks who only extend SCF to your top vendors and leave MBEs with inflexible solutions based solely on their volume. We can act fast and tailor the right solutions to fit everyone’s needs as we have earned a reputation for helping when other financial providers can’t or won’t. MBECP was established as a Finance company with the strategic objective of developing straightforward financing products for small and mid-size MBEs.

MBECP has grown into a company with an international reach, offering alternative financing through MBE focused Managed Supplier Programs with accelerated payments, Purchase Order and Import Financing.

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