MBE Capital Partners

MBE Capital Partners

We are very proud of our partnership with The NY & NJ MSDC and share their passion to help MBEs gain capacity to take on greater, more profitable Fortune 500® business.

Focusing on accountability and a great user experience for all of our clients, 2015 was a very busy year. Our most proud accomplishment is that we issued over $320,000,000 in credit lines to MBEs.

Other noteworthy highlights include:

  • Creating a $100 million master line of credit for an MBE base that allows them to acquire substantially larger contracts plus extends opportunities to include other MBEs as sub-contractors.
  • Partnering with MSDCs around the country to better serve the MBE community
  • Securing $3 billion in lending capacity to continue our efforts in funding MBE growth

In 2015, we developed a wide variety of lending programs and new products tailored to address the varying needs of over 19,000 MBEs. More specifically, these programs are central to building capacity and preserving equity for MBEs in the future.

For more info please visit www.mbecp.com

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