Mistress of Ceremonies

Cathleen Trigg-Jones

Actress, We Are the Joneses


Cathleen Trigg-Jones is an Emmy award-winning journalist, executive producer, philanthropist, author, talk show host, actress, and star of Centric TV’s hit reality series, “We Are the Joneses.”

Cathleen began her career as a reporter and anchor at WBOC-TV, MY 9 News, and FOX 5 News. Through her passion of storytelling, she later founded CatScape Productions, a full-service, multimedia production company committed to creating and producing award-winning commercials, films, documentaries, music videos, and original TV content that is responsible, entertaining, and socially charged.  Cathleen endeavors to change how people of color are portrayed in the media.

As a mother of four, Cathleen’s deepest passion has always been helping women and children. She founded Trigg House, a not-for-profit organization that provides housing, education, mentorship, and counseling for teens aging out of the foster care system, to help them transition into the world. This cause is personal to Cathleen because she spent part of her early life in foster care before being adopted.