B2B Networking at Biz Connect

Creating strong business connections can be achieved in many different ways, but face-to-face interaction is often seen as a critical component of successful business development. As such, our annual Biz Connect is an incredible in-person B2B networking event that fosters business connections and gives our members the opportunity to meet other MBEs and business partners!

B2B networking at Biz Connect can be used to establish partnerships, generate leads, and build a strong network of contacts that can help your business to grow and succeed. By collaborating with other businesses, B2B networking leads to increased opportunities, improved brand recognition, and ultimately, higher profits.

Sponsorship Opportunities

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, we invite you to view our sponsorship packages and then contact us to get started.

Experience Exception B2B Networking

Come join our unique B2B networking events, which provide unmatched opportunities that create long-lasting business relationships, while also allowing you to take in the stunning scenery of the New York and New Jersey area. Don’t pass up on these incredible events; together, let’s map out the future of your company. Get ready to succeed at Biz Connect!