August: Mission Accomplished Spotlight


DIVERSANT is the largest African-American-owned IT staffing firm in the nation and has been certified by the Council since 2005. DIVERSANT has fully leveraged all aspects of the Council’s networking opportunities, including the annual NMSDC Conference and local events in New York and New Jersey held throughout the year. It was through one of these events that Gene Waddy, CEO of DIVERSANT, met and connected with corporate business outsourcing company Automatic Data Processing (ADP) and its Director of Supplier Diversity, Paula Frank. This connection gave him a chance to discuss how his company could benefit ADP by becoming one of their IT staffing suppliers. A contract between the two companies was signed in 2008.

As a result of this connection, DIVERSANT is now 1 of 3 venders who will support the hiring of 3,000 ADP employees — including full-time employees and contractors — in Florida and Virginia. Because of this successful connection, DIVERSANT is now looking at new markets for potential expansion in 2017, and the senior leadership team is proactively channeling diverse senior-level IT talent to Paula Frank for open roles within the organization. Seeing how in 2015, they provided $1.7 million of IT staffing services to ADP and estimate even higher values for 2017, DIVERSANT is now aware of how this process is an effective driver of workforce diversity. Ms. Frank has played a significant role in assisting DIVERSANT to reach their preferred vendor status and acquire several new business opportunities, putting over forty IT professionals to work with ADP since 2014.

A significant part of the Council’s mission is to create opportunities for both certified minority businesses and corporations, and whether our involvement is between MBEs and corporations or between MBEs and MBEs, we aim to serve as a vital resource for successful and productive business partnerships. Through our involvement with DIVERSANT, the company was able to initiate and expand their relations with a corporation that will continue to support them and their employees. We are excited to hear that DIVERSANT is considering expanding its markets after this successful experience, and we hope that we can continue to fulfill our role as their link to their corporate partnerships.

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