August: MBE Spotlight

Sygma Technology Solutions was recently awarded a multi-year, Multi-Million dollar contract with NY MTA. The MTA sought a comprehensive, unified information technology approach for managing and maintaining each of the MTA operating agencies’ infrastructure, vehicles and other assets. Through the use of Sygma as a Value Added Reseller and its partners’ Enterprise Asset Management(EAM) solution, the MTA expects to improve how its agencies manage and maintain their assets and that this will result in improved service and lower costs.  In addition, EAM will enable the MTA to oversee those activities at the enterprise level.

Sygma Technology Solutions is an IT Consulting firm specializing in custom application design and development, data management, IT advisory and cloud consulting strategies that help organizations optimize operational efficiency and accelerate growth while improving overall sustainability. Based in New York City, Sygma Technology works with small to medium sized businesses, Fortune 500 and local, state and Federal agencies encouraging them to increase their productivity through the intelligent application of available technology.

As President, Stuart Holland is responsible for Sygma’s strategic vision and direction. As a seasoned Information Technology professional with extensive experience in application programming, architecture and project management, Mr. Holland has worked with several major national and international companies with a concentration in the transportation, financial services, media and telecommunications industries where he successfully led and managed development teams focusing on modernizing legacy systems and increasing business process efficiencies. With a strong belief and understanding of business processes and customer service, Stuart and his team ensure their recommendations optimize both your processes and IT portfolio. Most importantly, Sygma helps translate all of your businesses IT processes into one cohesive language, thus enabling you to achieve a higher ROI.

Contact information:  917-507-1500

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