April: Corporate Spotlight

TD Bank Group Supplier Diversity Team
Marcia Seymour and Deborah Grossman

Based in Ontario, Canada, Marcia Seymour is Senior Manager of Procurement and Corporate Responsibility at TD Bank.  Marcia is a 40+year veteran of TD Bank and launched TD’s North American Supplier Diversity program in 2011.  Deborah Grossman, VP, Manager of Procurement Corporate Responsibility, and the Bank’s local contact in the US, joined the Supplier Diversity team in late 2013. Deborah brings over 10 years of experience in supplier diversity from a number of other organizations.

TD Bank is looking for suppliers that can support the financial services industry in areas such as:
·         Payment and Transaction Processing
·         Credit/Debit Card Production and Fulfillment
·         Armored Car Services
·         Disaster and Restoration Services

“For companies to do business with TD, they need a strong history of doing business in the Financial Services Industry, a strong financial history and sufficient safeguards in place to protect sensitive data.” Says Marcia. “In addition, suppliers may need to be able to service our needs in both US and Canada.  (i.e. provide a North American scope of service.)”

To register as a prospective supplier with TD Bank Group please click this link: TD Registration site

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