MBE Spotlight: Kimelberg PLLC


Kimelberg PLLC is one of the only Native-American-owned law firms focused on the representation of venture-capital groups, high-technology start-ups, and corporate clients. Our clients include national and international investment groups and companies. We also have an active Native American practice representing Native-owned business and economic development organizations in various matters. Additionally, our team is involved in non-legal Native activities. We are launching the first Native-owned commercial art gallery focused on contemporary Native American artists at the end of this year. K Art’s inaugural exhibition will include 10 nationally-recognized Native contemporary artists. Our goal is to help increase exposure of contemporary Native artists and their work and serve as a catalyst for furthering the dialogue about Native communities and their place in contemporary society. More information can be found at kimelberg.com and thek.art.

Kimelberg PPC

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