2015 EXPO Matchmaker Meetings

What are MatchMaker Meetings?

MatchMaker Meetings connect Council-Certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and corporate purchasing officials for private one-on-one, pre-scheduled meetings to discuss potential opportunities in various service and product areas. The Council™ hosts Match-Maker Meetings as part of The Council™ Business Opportunity Expo, held annually in June. Each meeting is a 15-minute session, and takes place on the Trade Show day of the conference.

Criteria to participate in Matchmaker Meetings?

Corporate purchasing officials include National & Regional Corporations, Educational Institutions and Government Agencies engaged with The Council™ and must also be registered for the NY & NJ MSDC Business Opportunity Expo

The Supplier needs to take no action to be selected

  1. The Corporate purchasing official will notify the Council of products & services they wish us to source for upcoming procurement opportunities by filling in the form below
  2. The Council will then comb its database and select those suppliers that fit the criteria and send to corporate purchasing official.
  3. The corporate purchasing official will select the suppliers from the list provided and send to The Council dreddick@nynjmsdc.org
  4. The Council will notify the supplier of the Matchmaker request and ensure Expo registration is completed
  5. The Council will then schedule the Matchmaker between the supplier and corporate purchasing official at the Expo on June 17.
  6. Scheduled appointment will be sent via email to both parties
  7. Matchmaker request form must be completed and submitted by May 31, 2015

Download The 2015 Expo Matchmaker